Reindeer Lodge – Winter

Our idyllic accommodation outside Jukkasjärvi

Reindeer Lodge is totally the way to go for a very pure (and fun!) arctic experience
Zackary, 2017

Start the day by saying good morning to a reindeer, and then snuggle up with a warm cup of cocoa after a long day in the snow. Fall asleep to the sound of crackling fire, wake up and see how the northern lights dance in the sky. Stay at Reindeer Lodge with grazing reindeer walking next door. So choose between an exciting goahti tent, a traditional lávvu tent or an idyllic cabin, or maybe one night in each? Regardless, this small-scale facility offers an ideal base for your Swedish Lapland getaway.

Lávvu - Traditional Sámi tent

Go back to the basics and sleep a night in a traditional lávvu, an adventure for the tough and experienced! You sleep directly on birch branches and reindeer skins on the floor of the tent, cuddled up in a soft sleeping bag. A fire-heated stove will keep you warm, but you will have to take turns to sleep to keep it burning.

Including: breakfast, dinner and transfer

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The lávvu is a portable conical tent dwelling with the ground floor covered with birch branches and big reindeer hides stretched across. A wood-burning stove is the heat source.Through the tent canvas you can hear the reindeer's clicking sound and creaking footsteps in the snow. Two adults can be accommodated in each lávvu. Warm blankets, the glow of an oil lamp and hot drink from a vacuum jug contribute to an exciting night you will not forget in a hurry. WC, shower/sauna, dining room/lounge tent and guest kitchen/service hut are in separate common facilities located a few meters from the accommodations. Access to locker, electricity, refrigerator and warm spaces separately.
Breakfast is served in the morning for a good start to the day. Winter outerwear set is included.

Stohpu – Sámi forest cabin

Stay in our idyllic cabins and come close to nature. Nestled in the forest we got five little cabins, inspired by the reindeer herder cottages we got in the mountains. But the simple life is beautiful, you somehow get close to your essence in our cabins furnished with cosy double bed and stove that keeps you warm all night.

Including: breakfast

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Five cosy cabins in Sámi design. Each cabins is a large room of 20 m² that is equipped with a double bed (1.60 x 2 m), wood-burning stove, electrical heaters, fridge, table and chairs. Four of the five cabins also have a sofa bed (1.60 x 1.80 m), so up to 1 adult with 1 child, alt 2 children can be accommodated there too. WC, shower/sauna and guest kitchen/service hut are in separate common facilities located a few meters from the accommodations.
Breakfast is served in the morning for a good start to the day.

Goahti - Modern Sámi tent

Enjoy the arctic lifestyle and a genuine, adventurous stay in one of our goahti tents. Here we combine the best from glamping and the unique Sámi nomadic lifestyle. You will find comfort in our newly built tents, furnished with cosy double beds, sofa, eco-toilets and a fire stove to keep you warm throughout the night.

Including: breakfast, dinner and transfer

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The goahti tent is raised a bit above the ground and has insulated wooden floor. It is furnished with a double bed (1.40 m x 2.00 m), wood-burning stove, modern oil stove, chairs and table, as well as a sofa bed (1.20 m x 1.80 m) that can accommodate up to two children. A small sanitary room with combustion toilet and wash hand basin is built into the goahti for comfort reasons. There is access to refrigerator. The interior features Sámi design and natural materials. Candle lights enhance the lovely cosiness in this special type of lodging even more. Breakfast is served in the morning for a good start to the day. Winter outerwear set is included.

boy feeding reindeer
Exterior of a cabin in Kiruna
Birds view over reindeer lodge
Interior of a cabin in Kiruna
Exterior of a glamping in Kiruna


Prices are calculated per cabin/tent, and depend on season.

Cabin: price from 2100 SEK
Goahti: price from 2550 SEK
Lavvu: price from 3200 SEK

Good to know

  • Check-in from 15.00
  • Check-out 11.00, against supplement late check-out 12.20
  • The accommodation includes breakfast, and got facilites for you to cook your own meals. The nearest grocery store, café and restaurant is 3 km away.


Adress:  Paksuniemivägen 188, Jukkasjärvi
No bus stop nearby the lodge. We recomend a car for mobility and flexability. A bookable trasfer is avaliable for check in and check out.

Bookable transfer
Possibility to pre-book regular check-in/out transfer by minibus, SEK 100-450 per person, depending on route and time

Check-in transfer: 15.00 & 17.00 from Kiruna Tourist Center and Camp Ripan, 15.10 and 17.10 from Stadshustorget Kiruna/New City Center
Check-in transfer: 15.30 from Icehotel and Márkanbáiki Museum
Check-out transfer: 11.00 from Reindeer Lodge to Márkanbáiki Museum, Icehotel, Kiruna Airport, Tourist Center and railway station
Late check-out 12.20 with transfer: 12.20 from Reindeer Lodge