The food is delicious and memorable, the dishes are inspiring and the atmosphere are cozy and authentic
Magnus, 2023

Welcome to Ovttas, our SlowFood restaurant where we celebrate the Sami cultural heritage through delicious and authentic food. With us, everything takes its time, both food, cooking and the meal itself. So, sit down and enjoy the atmosphere.

Our menu consist of traditional as well as modern Sámi dishes cooked by local ingredients such as reindeer, fish and berries. We are also proud to preserve the traditional Sámi preparation methods, such as smoking and drying, to create flavorful and unique dishes. So with our good food, cozy atmosphere and big fire this restaurant will be a part of a memorable meal!

Welcome to the table!

Lunch and fika
11.00 - 15.30

With us, both lunch and fika is served daily next to our cracling fire. The food is based on traditional recipes, often with a modern twist. The dishes are cooked with traditional ingredients, always locally produced and according to the season. As we cool seasonally, the meny may vary. We also serve exciting drinks, fika and last but not least; the best boiled coffee in the village.


Dinner and pub
17.00 - 21.00

Come and experience exciting dinners served in a relaxing atmosphere in our restaurant, open Wednesday-Sunday. From delicious appetizers to wonderful main courses, our menu offers a range of options to suit all tastes. So whether you're looking for a romantic dinner for two or a night out with friends, our restaurant is the perfect choice!
The kitchen closes at 20.30.


Private events
and larger groups

Are you visiting Kiruna with a larger group and want some time to yourself? Book a private event at our place! Enjoy a lively meal around the fire, available for both lunch and dinner. Pre-booked groups are taken care of by one or more guides for an exclusive event. For more information, send an email to

waffle with cloudberries and icecream
Gurpi burger in Kiruna

Good to know

  • Vegetarian options are served
  • No table reservation, just drop in


Address Marknadsvägen 2 in Jukkasjärvi
Directions Next to Jukkasjärvi church and 900 meters from Icehotel. 15 km from Kirunas Airport and 20 km from central Kiruna. Local bus no. 501 (bus stop "Jukkasjärvi Church")