Explore the Sámi culture

photo: Asaf Kliger

Explore the Sámi culture

Wind in the hair, frost in the eyelashes, a reindeer trotting steadily in front of the sleigh. Big horns, snapping steps and soft mules. Deep forests, snow-capped mountain peaks and vast expanses with the sky as a roof. The Torne River, that either roars wildly or is a quiet road to travel on. Northern lights, wilderness and people in harmony. Nature as our mother, as the whole reason for our existence. Who deserves respect. Magnificent, eternal, but fragile. Take a ski trip, go reindeer sleighing or just stand outside the cottage door and enjoy a sparkling starry sky. Feel free to explore, play and explore. In all our activities, we invite you to get close to the elements, for yourself or together with others.

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