Information regarding the coronavirus

With regard to the Covid-19 pandemic Nutti Sámi Siida is adapting its operation for a safe visit for all involved, based on recommendations from authorities and the government. We expect from you as our guest to follow the general advice issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden. As recommendations and guidelines from the authorities and the government are subject to change the information below may also change.

Emergency information from Swedish authorities on Visiting Sweden during the covid-19 pandemic

The Public Health Agency of Sweden on Protecting yourself and others from spread of infection

Operational category and measures we have taken so far to minimise the risk of corona. It is good to know that we operate small-scale, have many outdoor activities and wide open spaces.

Activities and day visitors

Café Sápmi (Márkanbáiki)

  • Tables removed for extra distance between guests
  • The food is served at the table
  • Guests are NOT allowed to stay near the fireplace when cooking
  • Tables and countertops are wiped regularly with disinfectant
  • Coffee and tea thermos are regularly wiped with disinfectant
  • Hand sanitizer Alcogel next to thermoses for guests
  • Maximized number of people staying in the café at the same time
  • Plastic gloves when handling food are ALWAYS used by staff
  • Group tent can be opened for more space if needed
  • Signs with info about Covid-19 are available for everyone to read

Tours (Ráidu/Vuojan)

  • The tours take a maximum of 16 guests
  • The transfer bus takes a maximum of 8 people, face mask guards will be used and hand sanitizer Alcogel is available in the bus
  • Changing rooms for guests are available, in case of larger group, group will be split; hand sanitizer Alcogel is available; guides hand out the clothes
  • After the tours, the clothes will be hung outdoors for about 2 days to reduce the risk of spreading covid-19 and they will be disinfected.
  • For more than 8 guests, a larger lávvu is used which is made for 30 people
  • Coffee, tea and hot lingonberry juice are served by staff wearing plastic gloves
  • Only Ráidu:
  • Snowmobile sleds that are used are large and can accommodate up to 8 guests, for larger groups 2 sledges are used
  • Before serving food, guests receive a hand wash each in form of a disinfectant napkin
  • The food is served in protective packaging by staff who wear plastic gloves


Reindeer (márkanbáiki)

  • Hand washing stations are located at entrances and exits in the reindeer corral
  • Three different entrances and exits can be used in order to reduce crowding
  • Gloves are suitable to use when visiting reindeer for feeding

Group bookings for private circles

  • Adjustments are made based on the content of the event and the number of guests.

Shop (Márkanbáiki)

  • Clear signs about what applies under Corona
  • Hand sanitizer at checkout and card terminal
  • Plastic protection for staff and guest at counter
  • Floor markings for spacing

Guided tours for drop-in visitors (Márkanbáiki)

  • The daily guided tours in the exhibition area and among the reindeer are cancelled to avoid crowds. The exhibition area and the reindeer corral are a large outdoor area and the recommendations with a distance of 2 meters can be kept.
  • Guided tours for private circles are available to pre-book upon request.

Reindeer lodge

Cabins / Accommodation
  • Each cabin will be equipped with its own refrigerator
  • Each cabin has a thermos for coffee and tea water
  • Towels for personal use
  • Slot booking for use of self-catering facility
  • Breakfast basket will be prepared in the morning by the staff; breakfast to be eaten in the cabin
  • Cleaning equipment including disinfectant available in each cabin
Self-catering facility
  • Slot booking for kitchen use where guests decide themselves what time they want to use the kitchen
  • Only one party at a time in the facility
  • Cleaning equipment is available to be able to clean up after yourself
  • Kitchen is inspected daily by staff
  • Disinfectants for cleaning are available on site
  • Hand sanitizer Alcogel is available at the sink
  • Tissue paper is available for drying after hand washing
  • Toilets are checked daily by staff
    • Slot booking for shower use
    • Shower area is checked daily by staff