Information in regard with the coronavirus

With regard to the Covid-19 pandemic Nutti Sámi Siida is adapting its operation for a safe visit for all involved, based on recommendations from authorities and the government.
We expect from you as our guest to follow the general advice issued by the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

As recommendations and guidelines from the authorities and the government are subject to change the information below may also change.

We added a rebooking opportunity with regard to covid-19.
Read our terms.

Emergency information from Swedish authorities on Visiting Sweden during the covid-19 pandemic

The Public Health Agency of Sweden on Protecting yourself and others from spread of infection

Operational category and measures we have taken so far to minimise the risk of corona. Updates will follow shortly, thank you for your patience.

It is good to know that we operate small-scale, have many outdoor activities and wide open spaces.

Day visit venue Márkanbáiki

Outdoor exhibitions

Reindeer corral


Café Sápmi

Day tour: Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer

Transfer with minibus

Loan of clothes

Reindeer visit and sledding


Night trip: Idjastállu – Northern light with reindeer

Reindeer visit and sledding

Transfer with minibus

Loan of clothes

Reindeer Lodge stay


Self-cater facility