Boázu - the reindeer

Package tour 4 days

It is wonderful to offer a package where our guests get a genuine insight in the Sámi lifestyle as well as to be able to meet the reindeer many times over!
Guillaume, manager at reindeer lodge

Are you coming to Kiruna to meet reindeer? Then you are at the right place! With our package Boázu you both get to drive with reindeer on a long trip through the forest and live with them as your closest neighbor. As a finishing touch, we also invite you to a dinner consisting of 3 Sámi dishes served around the fire in our spectacular restaurant.

To book this tour, send an email to or give us a call on +46(0)98021329

Day 1 – Arrival

Choose between renting your own car (book yourself) or being picked up by our transfer service (book with us, extra fee). You check into a cabin and get time to familiarize yourself with the area. Start by visiting the reindeer enclosure, or maybe take a first trip to the sauna? At the lodge, you have access to skis, snowshoes and sledges for exploring nature on your own. Your dinner is served in our restaurant with transfer included. (M)

Day 2 - Traditional Sámi dinner

After a hearty breakfast, you have the day to discover the village. Maybe visit the world-famous Icehotel, Norrbotten's oldest church or the outdoor museum in Jukkasjärvi? Build a snowman and grill sausages? You get to shape the day exactly as you want before the evening's adventure begins. At 18.30 you will be picked up by the transfer service who will take you to our restaurant where you will be treated to a world-unique meal experience. In three dishes you will try everyting from the most traditional dishes to innovative modern interpretations from the Sámi kitchen. If the northern lights appear we will go out together and watch the magnificent light dance to end the evening. The night is spent in your cabin, heated by both stove and element (F, M).

Day 3 – Vuojan and night in lávvu

Your third day is full of adventure and it starts yesterday right after breakfast. Your guide meets you at the lodge and together you familiarize yourself with our reindeer before setting out to drive a sled through Sápmi's wonderful winter landscape. Each guest manages and drives their own reindeer, making this a fantastic experience for true outdoor enthusiasts. After a while of active reindeer sled driving we arrive at a nice campsite where the guide cooks a tasty reindeer herder lunch. At the lodge you are shown the accommodation for the night; a traditional lavvú where you sleep on a bed of birch branches with a reindeer hides and a sleeping bag - just like in the old days! Dinner is served in our restaurant, transfer included. (F,L,M)

Day 4 – Departure

After breakfast, it's time to pack up, say goodbye and travel on. Our transfer service takes you to Jukkasjärvi or into Kiruna. Don't forget to say goodbye to the reindeer! (F)

Nils Nutti and guests are sledding with reindeer


  • Go on a long sledride thorugh the forrest.
  • Try to sleep in a real lavvu.
  • Attend the sámi dinner.
  • Great chance of seeing the northen light.
  • Learning more about the Sámi culture and, most of all, the personal conversation with the guide.

Good to know

  • Price: SEK 10600 per adult.
    The prices are calculated per person for 2 people/cottage
  • Period: February 2 - April 16
  • Start: Self-check-in from 15.00 day 1.
  • End: Check-out at the latest 11.00 day 4.



  • Two nights in private cabin, and one night in lavvú included.
  • Traditional Sámi dinner around the fire
  • Vuojan - reindeer sled excursion.
  • Free access to snowshoes, simple cross-country skis and sledges.
  • Breakfast days 2, 3 and 4.
  • Dinner on day 1, 2 and 3.
  • Lunch on day 3.
  • Bed linen and bath towel. Firewood for cabin stove