Stay in this lavvu in jukksjarvi

Lávvu - traditionell tältkåta

Go back to the basics and sleep a night in a traditional lávvu, an adventure for the tough and experienced! You sleep directly on birch branches and reindeer skins on the floor of the tent, cuddled up in a soft sleeping bag. A fire-heated stove will keep you warm, but you will have to take turns to sleep to keep it burning. Through the canvas you can hear all natures sounds which helps making this night unforgettable. The following is included in your visit:

  • Breakfast - breakfast buffé served in our lounge
  • Sleeping bag - thermal sleepingbag, towels and extra blankets are accessable
  • Wood for your stove

Dinner and winterclothes is included during the winter season. In summer you can choose between cooking yourself in the joint kitchen or to visit a restaurant in Jukkasjärvi.

The lávvu is a portable conical canvas tent, aproximately 20 m² with long wooden poles that make up the tent’s framework. The tent got space for two persons on beds bade from birch branches, reindeer skins and warm sleepingbags. The inner tent rákkas provides protection against condensation and the stove, which you keep burning during the night,  keep you warm. There is no electricity in the tent but you got access to a heated hut for emergencies and to charge phones etc. There is no bathrooms in the tent but you are welcome to use the separate and common WC and showers. Access to lockable spaces separately. We recommend only one night in lavvú but encourage you to combine your stay with a night in one of our forest cabins.


Reindeer Lodge

WC, shower/sauna, dining room/lounge tent are in separate common facilities located a few meters from the accommodations. The sanitary spaces include bathrooms with WC, single-sex shower and changing rooms and a wood-fired, mixed sauna. Breakfast is served in the lounge tent where you can sit down in comfortable sofas and armchairs from afternoon until late to socialise, read a book or just to be. Light meals, hot drinks, beer and wine can be ordered in the lounge's evening bar.

How cold is it in a lávvu?

The lávvu got walls made of canvas and it get as cold inside as it is outside if you do not keep a fire going. You are responsible to make sure the fire is burning all night and that you dress well during the night. You will get warm sleeping bags, lots of wood and an outer layer of winter clothes (ski overall) for us. If you get too cold during the night we got an emergency hut where you can go in to, but we only reccomend this stay for people who are looking for an adventurous stay and want to feel how it was to live in the olden days.

How does the bathroom look like?

The lávvu tents do not have a bathroom conected. Instead there are WC, dry toilets, shower and saunas in separate, shared buildings.

How do I find you?

Adress:  Paksuniemivägen 188, Jukkasjärvi
No bus stop nearby the lodge. We recomend a car for mobility and flexability. During wintertime a bookable trasfer is avaliable for check in and check out.

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