Day tour to the mountain peak

Join us on a hike through the old primeval forest up to the Puimunen mountain peak. Boaimmás in Sámi. The peak, which has been named after the mountain buzzard, is the perfect haunt for the bird of prey.

The winding paths along the mountain are framed by stately pines, moss, lichens, mushrooms, lingonberry and blueberry rice. During late summer and autumn the berries ripen. The lingonberries shine bright red close to the paths and are ready to be picked after the first night of frost. Take the opportunity to taste what the nature´s pantry has to offer during our hike up to Puimonen's top. The kilometer-long hike follows the somewhat rocky path and we can feel the roots of the trees under our hiking boots. During the tour, the guide will tell more about animals, nature, Jukkasjärvi and its history. Once at the top, we stop and admire the fantastic and vast view of Jukkasjärvi and the Torne River. Before we start our hike back, we drink boiled coffee the Sámi way and eat sandwiches with roast reindeer.

On the way home we stop for a visit by the reindeer in the Sami residence at Márkanbáiki. The guide will tell us more about the Sámi way of life, how we once lived according to the eight seasons and coped with the nomadic life, about the reindeer and reindeer husbandry and together we feed the reindeer. Finally, we will see a slide show in the reindeer herder's cabin by the river that depicts Sámi life today and how to live with the dramatic seasons.


  • Get out into beautiful nature.
  • To learn about Sami culture.
  • To learn about animals, nature and the history of Jukkasjärvi.
  • Guossi - guided tour of Márkanbáiki - our open-air museum.
  • Meet reindeer.

Good to know

  • Reindeer sandwich and hot drink included.
  • 1.5 km hike to the Puimonen mountain peak and 1.5 km back down.
  • Min 2 people per group, max 8.
  • Recommended age for the tour: 8 years.
  • The guests can decide for themselves whether they can handle the various stages and are obliged to follow the safety instructions from the guide. We adapt the tour to prevailing weather conditions.


  • The length of the tour is about 5 hours.
  • Round-trip transfer by minibus is included.
  • All guests may borrow hiking poles. Each guest brings their own wind- and water-resistant clothes and shoes as well as a warming sweater. We also recommend bringing mosquito repellent and sunscreen.
  • Available Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday each week, 3 June - 30 September 2024.