Welcome to our summer residence

In our summer home life feels close
Nils Torbjön Nutti, Owner, 2022

Summer in the mountains is fantastic and we invite you to our absolute favorite place, Gámasjávri! Here a collection of reindeer herders' cabins is located, nestled among the berry bushes and buzzing mosquitoes. They belong to the families of Sarivuoma Sámi village which come here to fish, oick berry and hike. We offer a unique experience to come here and enjoy amazing summer Sápmi together with your dedicated Sámi guides!

High up in the mountain you get to be a part of nature. We are far out in a roadless country where not even the phones work. But instead, the days are filled with something else, something that almost feels magical. Thanks to the small group, max 3 adults or 2 children and 2 adults, you make the trip your own. In addition, the tour can only be booked for closed parties so you get the experience for yourself. The days are affected by the weather so no one knows exactly how the stay will be shaped. But we promise you exciting nature, fascinating conversations, and great food. So if you want great fishing waters but enjoy a soft bed and a cooked meal this adventure is for you! We also happily welcome mixed parties, where some enjoys fishing, and some want to mix it up with other activities.

To book this tour, send an email to or give us a call on +46(0)98021329.
Please note that this tour needs to be booked atleast four weeks in advance for us to arrange all neccessary permits.

cabin in kamas
passenger view in helicopter
A photographer on the tundra
birdsview over mountain
girl and red helicopter

Day 1 – Arrival

Our transfer picks you up after breakfast and drive you to the helicopter pad. From there you fly for about 30 minutes straight out into the mountain range until. You land next to Gámasjávri and are met by this week's guides who will show you to cabin and when you are ready, lunch and coffee await. The rest of the day is spent discovering the local area and the fishing waters. (L, D)

Day 2 & 3 - fishing, sauna and berries

Every morning after breakfast we jump into the boat to whiten our nets. Here, both char, trout and pike come up as pearls on a ribbon. If you want to follow, we also drive around the lake and look at the views from the water. When we return, the fish will be cleaned and salted. If you are curious, we are happy to teach you our techniques, but if you would rather take a bath and a sauna, it is perfectly okay. If you prefer to spend the day hiking, berry picking or rod fishing, we pack a lunch basket and leave in the middle of the day. (B, L, D)

Day 4 - Sami storytelling evening and night in a hut

Our last night is spent in the most beautiful place in the world. At the edge of the lake with the Norwegian mountains in the background our lavvú, traditional tent, stands glistening in the midnight sun. We go there by boat and for dinner we roast fish over an open fire. Around the fire we also take the chance to talk about mythology and old fairy tales and legends. Then we sleep on a bed of birch branches with reindeer skins, curled up in warm sleeping bags with a blazing fire in the middle. (B, L, D)

Day 5 – Departure

After breakfast it is time to pack up and clean the cottage (departure cleaning for a fee) The helicopter will come and fly you back to the city where you will be transported to the airport or hotel of your choice. (B)
Latest return 12.00 In Kiruna.