Sámi eco adventures


Reindeer Lodge is a one-of-a-kind and cosy cottage accommodation in Swedish Lapland with reindeer on the doorstep and the northern light above the roof top wintertime. Eenjoy the remote location in the woods at the banks of river Torne, hot sauna and the silence that rules supreme.

Reindeer adventures

Experience the winter nature of northernmost Sweden in the best possible way by joining activities linked to the indigenous Sámi culture. Reindeer sledding, northern light trips and package solutions are available, also for private parties.

Sámi Siida - Márkanbáiki

Winter open: Monday – Sunday, 10.00 – 17.00, 5 November 2018 – 22 April 2019.
Márkanbáiki is an easy accessible meeting place in Jukkasjärvi for people with interest in the Sámi culture. Ideal for a day visit. Hand-feed our reindeer, visit our exhibitions, look at modern art and taste traditional Sámi lunch.

Reindeer calf month May

Be our guest among our precious reindeer herd and take this unique opportunity of watching new-born reindeer calves taking their first steps! Mon – Fri, 6 – 31 May 2019.

Find us!

Address: Marknadsvägen 2, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden