Sámi Siida – Márkanbáiki

Sámi Siida is an easily accessible, vibrant meeting place in Jukkasjärvi for visitors from near and far who want to engage their senses to experience Sápmi. Grazing reindeer at the banks of mighty River Torne, outdoor exhibitions covering nomadic and modern Sámi life, camp fires, local Sámi slow food, and arts and crafts. All this and more is found on the old Sámi market and assembly place that is origin for the village of Jukkasjärvi.

Sámi camp with reindeer and exhibitions

A Sámi camp is a temporary housing and workplace where one or more reindeer herding Sámi families tend to spend parts of the year. The camp here is a reconstructed Sámi camp where you can gain an insight into the life of the indigenous Sámi people, their history and traditions as a nomadic people connected to reindeer husbandry. There are several grazing reindeer that are traditionally trained to pull sleds. It is a highlight to get them very close when entering their enclosure and feeding them with some lichen, a memorable meeting good to capture with camera. You can also see different dwellings, listen to yoik, try cross-country skiing and visit our reindeer herder cabin where you can watch a slide show about the reindeer herding year. There are also some art installations and language facts as well as a playground, and a reindeer lassoing station placed out in the area.

Sámi handicraft shop

The on-site shop features a crafts section where you can see our traditional craftsmanship, largely using materials like reindeer horn and leather. There is a range of traditional and modern local Sámi arts and crafts and souvenirs available for purchase.

Sámi cuisine in Café Sápmi

Inside the on-site’s giant lávvu-tent you can settle down, enjoy the open fire and relish traditional Sámi slow food lunch prepared over the open flames. Reindeer meat and fish are essential parts of Sámi cuisine that is about pure taste, quality and care for animals and nature. We claim to serve the world’s best suovas, i.e. traditionally lightly-salted, cold-smoked reindeer meat, sliced, fried and served on gáhkku bread. Drinking a cup of steeped coffee is then the icing on the cake. We serve lunch between 11.00 and 15.00; and refreshments, coffee and cakes the whole day.

Open daily: 10.00 – 17.00. 6 Nov 2017 – 8 April 2018. 24 Dec open until 13.00.

Admission fee: SEK 160 per person, SEK 130 per student (valid student ID), SEK 80 per child (3-15 years), free for children under age 3 in company with adults.
Entrance tickets are bought in the handicraft shop (no entrance fee to shop and café).

Guided tours: 10.00 & 16.00 Exclusive reindeer feeding tour and area visit with a guide. Tour duration: approx. 45 min.

Tour price: SEK 100 per person, SEK 50 per child (3-15 years), free for children under age 3.
Guided tour only purchasable in combination with entrance ticket.

Address: Marknadsvägen 2 in SE-981 91 Jukkasjärvi. Next to Jukkasjärvi church, and 900 m from Icehotel. 15 km from Kiruna Airport and 20 km from central Kiruna. Local bus #501.

Advice: Remember warm winter clothing and shoes to enjoy your visit outdoors and in the tent.

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Group arrangements: For groups we can also offer guided tours to our Sámi camp and to the reindeer, lunch, dinner etc. upon request. Contact us for more information via phone +46 (0)980 213 29 or e-mail info@nutti.se.