When you visit us is more than just a holiday. It is knowledge, emotions and adventures. We want to give you an experience that stays long after you go home. In the form of memories, images and knowledge. We are here for all of you who want to experience to remember, without a negative impact on planet or people.

Old, cultural knowledge is fundamental to the Sami identity and our well-being. Here, at Nutti Sámi Siida, we do not only make sure to spread this to our guests, but also teach young Sami and guides in things they have not always been tought at home. Our culture has been under great pressure for the past 200 years and by supporting us you help to highlight our knowledge and history as important, for old as well as young. Thanks to your visit, you also give us the opportunity to work with our reindeer and with our culture on a daily basis. We get a chance to keep the old knowledge alive and make sure it survives in our time.

Portrait of a guide at nutti sami siida
guide in lavvu

Your entrance ticket or the cost of your trip helps us to educate both you and each other in knowledge that would otherwise have easily disappeared. Buying locally produced crafts is also a great way to celebrate our culture. In addition, they often open up for conversations when you get home, and give you an opportunity to share your newfound knowledge with your friends. This also supports the local economy and ensures that jobs are created in sparsely populated areas. By supporting our activities, you help us to spread knowledge about the Sami culture to the world. And we believe that increased knowledge creates increased understanding, and that increased understanding creates a better world.

We value and embrace our culture and are passionate about its transmission from one generation to the next < span id="who">Nils Nutti, owner and guide, 2021