We want to offer you an insight in the traditional and contemporary lifestyle of the Sámi, the only indigenous people of Scandinavia. Being out in the nature, working alongside animals and sharing knowledge traced back thousands of years, is our specialty.

From the village of Jukkasjärvi will our knowledgeable guide take you by snowmobile sled out to what seems like an untouched wilderness. This area is for us an extremely vibrant and historically rich which we will tell you all about. You will learn to use tools crafted in and constructed for the climate we live in, such as knives, snowshoes and lassos that are necessary for managing everyday work. You will have great photo opportunities and possibly meet some of our friends from the animal kingdom.

The Sámi culture is based on respect for the nature and animals living there. The knowledge of the Sámi people is not found anywhere else, as traditions have been passed on from generations through storytelling. The Sámi language has for example hundreds of words for describing different snow conditions and the culture is rich with stories about ancient times and the powers of Mother Nature.

During the tour a traditional Sámi meal of local seasonal food will be cooked and served around the fireplace. Our guide will teach you essential survival skills, fire building techniques and hopefully let you see the nature through our eyes: as every tree, path and snowflake has its own part in a bigger context.

Luondu means both “nature” and “way of being” in the Northern Sámi language, which greatly summarizes this soft adventure tour in one word.

Price and Detailed information

TOUR: 7 January – 7 April

PRICE:  Adult: SEK 1580, Child (3-12yrs): SEK 790
START: 09.00 Nutti Sami Siida Marknadsvägen 84 Jukkasjärvi
END: Approx.12.30 Back in Kiruna: 13.00
PICK UP TRANSFER: 08.15 Kiruna hotels/ Tourist Center, 08.30 Reindeer Lodge, 08.30 Icehotel meeting point

INFORMATION: Minimun 2 people, maximun 8 people. The activity is assured by Nature’s best Sweden. All equipment, clothes and transfers from Kiruna, Reindeer Lodge or Icehotel is included.

To book this tour: Send an email to or give us a call at +45(0)980 213 29