Ráidu - Encounter with reindeer

The best way to see Lapland is behind a reindeer” writes Kate Johnson in The Times 2012, and we totally agree. Enjoy Sápmi the traditional way by travelling with reindeer and sled and have a unique encounter with animals, nature and the Sámi culture. Avail yourself of the opportunity to have a short reindeer sled drive!

Luondu - Living with nature

We want to offer you an insight in the traditional and contemporary lifestyle of the Sámi, the only indigenous people of Scandinavia. Being out in  nature, working alongside animals and sharing knowledge traced back thousands of years is our specialty.

Sámi Siida - Márkanbáiki

Easily accessible reconstructed Sámi camp with grazing reindeer, Café Sápmi and handicraft shop on the old market and assembly place in Jukkasjärvi. Ideal for day visitors. Winter open from 5 November 2018 until 22 April 2019.

Lip Lip - Aurora Borealis

The northern light, aurora borealis, can be enjoyed in different ways, for instance by joining the eco-friendliest option of northern lights activities, with a focus on traditional Sámi storytelling. “Lip Lip” is what you say in Sámi to attract the northern lights.

Experience Winter Lapland - 4 days

4-day winter package including hands-on reindeer and dog sledding as well as a Icehotel visit and staying at Reindeer Lodge outside Jukkasjärvi, Sápmi at its best in other words!

Reindeer Lodge - Cottages

Cosy cottages with reindeer on-site and the northern light sparkling above the rooftop. Enjoy a wood-burning sauna, a crackling fire, local food and excellent service by the host. Perfect basecamp for different winter activities in and around Jukkasjärvi.

Winter Adventure - 3 days

A 3-day package with animals as the predominant means of transportation. This trip will give you an soft, eco-friendly experience of the great outdoors of Swedish Lapland!