Visita’s general terms for conferences, group bookings and other events

These general terms apply, subject to being annexed to the order confirmation or will otherwise be agreed upon between the parties that they should apply.

1. Definitions

An Event takes place on premises provided, with or without accommodation and/or refreshments, e.g. for conferences or when ordering meeting or conference rooms.

Customer means the person – legal or natural – who is liable to pay for the Event.

Supplier means the facility that supplies the event.

Order Value means the contract price of the entire order or the total of the number of participants ordered multiplied by the contract price per participant per day plus the price of services ordered separately.

Event Broker means a company which brokers bookings of events, including or excluding brokering payment of the booking

2. Orders

Orders may be placed orally or in writing. The Supplier shall confirm receipt of orders in writing.

3. Advance payment

If the booking is made less than three months prior to the Event, an advance payment of 50% of the confirmed price shall be paid. If the booking is made more than three months prior to the Event, an advance payment of 25% shall be paid at the time of booking and an advance payment of 25% shall be paid three months prior to the Event. Advance payments are due and payable within 10 days of the invoice date. Invoices in respect of advance payments are sent immediately following confirmation of the booking and three months before the Event where the booking was made more than three months prior to the Event. If the advance payment is not made, the order is not binding on the Supplier.

4. Special wishes at time of order

If the Customer has any special wishes concerning e.g. special food, pets, etc., these shall be made known at time of order. The same applies if the Customer requires special security arrangements.

5. Valuable property

If the Customer wishes to bring property of high value and to store it in the Supplier’s storage rooms, baggage rooms or safe, he shall so inform the Supplier. In the event of theft or similar, the Supplier shall be liable to make compensation only if the Supplier by a written confirmation has undertaken to be responsible for the property.

6. Cancellation

Cancellations shall be made in writing.

In the event of cancellation less than four weeks before the first day of the Event, the Customer shall compensate the Supplier with a certain percentage of the full Order Value.  The applicable percentage shall be set forth in the Supplier’s order confirmation.
In the event of a partial cancellation, the compensation shall refer to the cancelled part.

 7. Payment
The Customer shall be liable for all costs arising from the order. If participants are each to pay anything themselves, this shall be approved by the supplier. The failure of any participant to show up for any ordered meal shall not entail any entitlement to a reduction in the price. Payment shall be made as agreed.

If an agreement has been made for payment against invoice, the Customer shall make full cash payment within 10 days of the invoice date. If the time for payment is exceeded, the Supplier shall be entitled to charge late payment interest from the due date at the current Swedish reference rate with a surcharge of eight percentage points. Invoices shall be subject to an invoicing charge.

8. Reservation on price changes

a) If the Supplier wishes to reserve the right to increase prices, he shall clearly inform the Customer thereof in the written order confirmation.

b) The Supplier shall inform the Customer as soon as a surcharge is imposed.

9. Force majeure

Strikes, lockouts, conflagrations, explosions, wars or warlike conditions, substantial restrictions on supplies and other circumstances outside the Supplier’s control entitles the Supplier to cancel the agreement without any liability in damages.

10. Liability for property /infliction of damage

The Supplier shall not be strictly liable for property kept in hotel rooms or on the Supplier’s premises. Should it prove that the Supplier or his employees have acted recklessly or negligently or otherwise bear the blame for property being lost or damaged, the Supplier shall be liable for the lost/damaged property. The Supplier shall also be liable for property kept in storage rooms locked by the Supplier, unless such property is of particularly high value (see clause 5). The Customer shall, for his part, be responsible for damage that he himself or his participants negligently inflict upon the Supplier.

11. Disputes

To resolve legal disputes or uncertainties relating to conferences and other events, the Disciplinary Board of Visita is at the disposal of both parties free of charge. Visita’s corporate members have undertaken to adhere to the decisions of the Disciplinary Board. 

12. Bookings made through brokers

Where booking and payment are made through an Event Broker, such company shall, without delay, hold the supplier’s funds on a separate account until such time as payment is made to the supplier. The above-stated company shall also have an obligation to provide an accounting to the supplier for any funds received on behalf of the supplier.

13. Processing of personal details
Nutti Sámi Siida only processes your Personal Data in accordance with applicable law.

Nutti Sámi Siida may collect Personal Data directly from you when you use or book our services or products (for instance when you book a cabin or acticity). We may also receive and transfer your Personal Data from and to our partners (e.g. if you have used a travel agency to book a cabin or acticity). We use different means to collect your Personal Data, some of which include cookies, web beacons, customer surveys and customer service. Depending on what Service you use the means of collecting and the purpose of processing may vary.

Nutti Sámi Siid will process your Personal Data for the purposes that suits the activity you booked. When your consent is required by law in order for us to process your Personal Data, we will collect your consent prior to processing.

In booking
If you book a cabin or activity with us, we will process your Personal Data in order to provide, handle, administer, follow up and obtain payment for your booking. This includes processing in order to remind you or inform you of your booking when you are to stay with us.

You are required to provide the details we request in order for you to handle your reservation. When you book on someone else’s behalf you are responsible in relation to us for having the person’s consent to Nutti Sámi Siida processing of their Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Data and other information about your booking can be transferred to our suppliers if you booked any of their products.

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Source: 2020-09-22