Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer

Enjoy Sápmi the traditional way by travelling with reindeer and sled and have a unique encounter with animals, nature and the Sámi culture. Avail yourself of the opportunity to lasso a reindeer and to have a short reindeer sled drive. These are skills connected to traditional indigenous Sámi knowledge which we practice, try to preserve and share with people keen on testing in the field.

To conserve the cultural Sámi heritage of reindeer sledding we still tame and train our reindeer as been done for thousands of years. If you joins us on this tour we invite you to meet our curious friends, hand feed them and maybe go for an exciting sled ride. Our track is 300 meters long and you go one by one, totaly in control of your own reindeer. You can compete with other drivers or if you prefer, just have a peaceful and quiet reindeer drive through the snow-covered winter landscape.

The reindeer herder also invites you to the traditional lávvu-tent where you sit on reindeer hides around a sparkling and warming fire. The lávvu-atmosphere opens up for talks about the Sámi people’s culture, history and way of life, both in the past and present. You will there be served suovas, the Sámi signature dish, which is lightly-salted and cold-smoked sliced reindeer meat, fried over the open flames!

Price and detailed Information

Price: SEK 1980 per person. SEK 990 per child (3-12 years); < 3 years for free.
5 Nov – 10 Dec 2018,
7 Jan – 3 Feb 2019
1 March – 7 April 2019.

Price: SEK 2280 per person. SEK 1140 per child (3-12 years); < 3 years for free.
11 Dec 2018 – 7 Jan 2019 [also morning tour] & 10 – 28 Feb 2019.

Start: 13.00 from hotel/tourist center in Kiruna [08.00].
13.30 from Icehotel [08.30]. 13.30 at Nutti Sámi Siida’s Yard, Marknadsvägen 84 in Jukkasjärvi [08.30].
14.15 at Reindeer Lodge [09.15]. END: Approx. 17.00 at Yard, 17.20 at Icehotel and Reindeer Lodge; 17.45 in Kiruna [12, 12.20; 12.45].

End: Approx. 17.00 at Yard, 17.20 at Icehotel and Reindeer Lodge; 17.45 in Kiruna [12, 12.20; 12.45].

Food: Fried reindeer meat with Sámi flat bread and lingonberry jam, coffee/tea included.

Equipment: Loan of thermal overall, boots, mittens, hat and helmet included.

This tour is quality-labeled with Nature’s Best by the Swedish Ecotourism Society.

Product sheets:

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