Lip Lip – Aurora Borealis

“Have you heard about the mysterious white reindeer, whispering winds and northern lights saving lives?”

–  Nils Torbjörn Nutti, Owner and guide, 2018

Lip Lip – Aurora Borealis

Follow our guide and tamed reindeer out for an educational, mysterious and peaceful walk to the best northern light locations in our forest near Reindeer Lodge. This activity suits everyone as our reindeer will assist us as they did back in the nomadic time, by pulling our packing-sleds where kids can sit too.
The focus of this tour will be on storytelling, since the oral tradition is the only way Sámi knowledge has been passed on through history. Sadly,Sámi myths and tales about the old religion, nature and northern lights are disappearing among the younger generations. This makes the Lip Lip tour a great opportunity to take part inhearingrarely told stories and learning firsthandabout the Sámi culture.



Adult SEK 1280

Child (3-12 yrs): SEK 640




  • To see the northern lights
  • Meet and walk with a reindeer and sled
  • Hear fascinating stories from the old religion
  • To sit by the fire and enjoying the night landscape