Scheduled transfer from/to Kiruna and Icehotel is included in our tours and accommodation, this does not apply for visits to Sámi Siida-Márkanbáiki. Please check the spots and times that apply for each and every product. The transfers have always to be pre-booked. The pick-up will be noted on your booking confirmation. If something happens and you will not be on spot at the right time, please give us a call.

Reindeer Lodge

A. Free shuttle bus transfer from Kiruna Airport to Reindeer Lodge.
Start 13.40 every Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday period 1 Dec – 31 March. 
B. Free transfer with minivan to Reindeer Lodge every day period 5 Nov – 6 April.
From Kiruna hotels/ Tourist Center/ Train station at 14.30 and from Icehotel 15.00.
Free shuttle bus from Reindeer Lodge to Icehotel, Kiruna Airport and Tourist Center.
11.20 Monday ,Wednesday and Saturday
11.50 Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday


Ráidu – Encounter with reindeer (afternoon tour): 
Pick-up transfer:
13.10 Kiruna hotels/ Tourist Center
13.30 Icehotel Meeting Point if you want to be equipped with warm clothes
13.45 Reindeer Lodge
14:00 Icehotel Meeting Point if you are already equipped with warm clothes
Drop-off transfer:
18.00 back in Kiruna
Lip Lip – Aurora Borealis
Pick-up transfer:
20.00 Kiruna hotels/ Tourist Center
20.30 Icehotel Meeting Point
21.00 Reindeer Lodge
Drop-off transfer:
Back in Kiruna 00.15