Guossi – Guest in Sápmi

Be our guest in Sápmi; our guide takes you to the ancient Sámi market and assembly place Márkanbáiki in Jukkasjärvi. You visit and feed our reindeer and get to know more about the indigenous Sámi people who call their traditional homeland Sápmi. You round off your visit by savouring a Sámi meal whilst sitting around a crackling open fire to get a real taste of the area.

Photo: Katja Bechtloff

Photo: Katja Bechtloff

Photo: Katja Bechtloff

Photo: Katja Bechtloff

Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Photo: Lola Akinmade Åkerström

The guide meets you at Sámi Siida-Márkanbáiki which is origin for the village of Jukkasjärvi at the banks of the mighty river Torne. We visit the old Sámi camp where one or more reindeer herding Sámi families tend to spend parts of the year and which during the nomadic time functioned as a temporary housing place. We take a look at old building constructions and visit goahtis and answer questions like: How did the Sámi people live in the past? How did they protect against the cold? What clothes were used? How did they move along in nature? Religion: shamanism or were they Christian? Why did they put salt into the coffee?

The guide takes you to the on-site reindeer corral to meet our steadfast companions, the reindeer. We get close-up with the reindeer whilst feeding them and you will learn why they are have earmarks and how they well they are adapted to the harsh climate up here in the north. Then you will be taught how to use a lasso by throwing it around antlers. Reindeer antlers are dropped and grown anew every year, and they are widely used within duodji, Sámi handicraft, which you will be able to have a look at during the tour. You will also watch a slide show featuring contemporary reindeer herding and Sámi everyday life during Sápmi’s eight seasons.

The best foodie thing to do in Sápmi is actually to sample some reindeer meat and to sip some hot coffee served from a sooty kettle. If you have not done it yet not, it is time for you to taste it, now! The Sámi signature dish suovas (lightly-salted and cold-smoked reindeer meat cut in slices) will be fried in a big pan over open flames and served on Sámi flat bread together with some lingonberry jam. All this in the right ambience: sitting around the fireside in a lávvu-tent where you get an insight into contemporary arctic Sámi lifestyle.

Price: SEK 480 per person. SEK 240 per child (3-12 years); under 3 years of age for free in company of adults.

2xDaily: 5 June – 27 August 2017.

Start: 10.00 & 15.00 at Sámi Siida-Márkanbáiki in Jukkasjärvi.

End: 11.30 & 16.30 at Sámi Siida.

Tour duration: 1.5 hours.

Meal: Fried smoked reindeer meat, with flat bread and lingonberry jam, coffee/tea included.

Equipment: Appropriate outdoor clothing recommended.

Location: Marknadsvägen 2 in SE-981 91 Jukkasjärvi. Next to Jukkasjärvi church, and 900 m from Icehotel. 15 km from Kiruna Airport and 20 km from central Kiruna. Local bus #501.

Return ticket: Morning: 09.30 pick-up from Kiruna Tourist Center and back again in Kiruna 12.30.
Afternoon: 14.30 pick-up from Kiruna Tourist Center and back again in Kiruna 17.30.
Transfer duration one-way approx. 25 min. Transfer by minibus.

Transfer price: SEK 350 per person, there and back. Use of transfers has to be advised at tour booking.

Conditions: Tour will be adapted to prevailing weather conditions.