Contact to partners and other interesting resources.

The Swedish Ecotourism Society – A society working for more and better ecotourism, tourism  that preserves and takes responsibility for fragile nature and culture, both in Sweden and abroad. Nature’s Best is a national quality label for ecotourism backed up by The Swedish Ecotourism Society and VisitSweden.

Kiruna Lappland ek. för. – An organisation with the goal to promote Kiruna in Swedish Lapland around the world and to develop the travel industry within Kiruna municipality.

Swedish Lapland Visitors Board ek. för. – A regional tourism organisation of Sweden’s northermost destionation, meaning Norrbotten County as well as the municipalities of Skellefteå and Sorsele, that works to spread knowledge on Swedish Lapland, primarily to international visitors.

V.S. VisitSweden AB – A communications company responsible for marketing Sweden as a tourist destination abroad and for the brand and image of Sweden.

VisitSápmi – Sámi association with the aim of promoting the sustainable development of Sámi tourism and to strengthen the Sámi culture.

Nikkaluokta Sarri AB – Sámi accommodation facility, restaurant and gallery in Nikkaluokta.

Scandinavian Sami Photoadventures AB – Sámi tourism company in Kiruna.

Samiskt informationscentrum – Centre with its own website to promote information about all Sámi in the society.

Slow Food Sápmi – Sámi trade organisation focused on Sámi food development and food sovereignty.

Icehotel AB – World-famous accommodation facility in Jukkasjärvi.

Camp Ripan AB – Accommodation facility in Kiruna.