Sámi Siida - Márkanbáiki

Easily accessible Sámi camp in Jukkasjärvi with grazing reindeer, Sámi cultural information, Sápmi slow food lunch in Café Sápmi, handicrafts and guided tours. Autumn open from 27 August until 5 November 2017.

Guossi - Guest in Sápmi

Be our guest in Sápmi; you visit and feed our reindeer together with our guide and get to know more about the indigenous Sámi people who call their traditional homeland Sápmi. You round off your visit by savouring a Sámi meal whilst sitting around a crackling open fire to get a real taste of the area.

Eallin - Nature and wildlife photo tour

Join a local guide on tour in beautiful nature in a diverse landscape. You will be provided with adapted photo equipment and introduced in its use so that you are able to capture images of views in magic light conditions, we also look out for animals roaming seasonally caused in our surroundings. A wonderful day trip with camera in Sápmi.

Guovssahas - Northern light photo tour

Learn how to photograph the magic light phenomenon of the northern light and listen at the same times to stories linked to the light and our arctic lifestyle. An evening outing in Sápmi that you will remember.